Under the Cherry Tree

January 30, 2010

Under the cherry tree

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Flash Gordon

January 27, 2010

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Life drawing comic: Roller Derby Girls 1-19-10

January 22, 2010

The other night at Dr. Sketchys San Francisco I tried something new…to draw a comic from the life drawing models who where the Bay Area Derby Girls. I found that using the gestures (2 min poses) maybe was too fast and since there were 5 rotating models it made it hard to form a story. So taking that into account, here is my final result. See photos of the model session on the official blog HERE.

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Dr Sketchys SF- Derby Girls comic page 1

Dr Sketchys SF- Derby Girls comic page 2

Dr Sketchys SF- Derby Girls comic page 3

Dr Sketchys SF- Derby Girls comic page 4

Dr Sketchys SF- Derby Girls comic page 5

Dr Sketchys SF- Derby Girls comic page 6

Zombie Derby Girls

January 21, 2010

This drawing is from last nights Dr. Sketchy’s San Francisco. The models were the local Bay Area Derby Girls. There were a handful of girls who posed in full Roller Derby gear including their skates. This drawing was for the contest that happens each month. The challenge where to draw them as Zombies. I came in second place. I have a second piece and lots of sketches to share zoon, so stay tuned.

Visit http://www.bayareaderbygirls.com and http://drsketchyssf.blogspot.com/ to find our more about the Bay Area Derby Girls and Dr. Sketchys SF.

Happy Holidays again

January 7, 2010
Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays - click for a bigger image

New Years Eve 2010 character design

January 1, 2010

Last night, New Years Eve 2010 (Dec 31, 2009) I spent the night crawling from location to location drawing with my friends Jeff Plotkins (Here on DA>http://emperornortonii.deviantart.com/), Toni, and Rick Lucy. We started with Dinner in Japan Town San Francisco and then walked up Filmore Street going from…the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf until it closed…then to Dino’s Pizza till they closed…then to Johnny Rockets…and then walking to the Embarcadero to watch the fireworks. It was a blast.

After lots of random doodling I started to do a character evolution. It is an exercises where you start with a character, sometime based on a pre-existing element. Then you set a goal of how many steps you want to take. Each step you mix in elements of another character, theme, etc. Pretty soon you start to just mix it up from your own mind till you get to the end with what should be a fairly unique character. Hopefully. Click for a bigger image.

Character design from NYE2010

Character design from NYE2010

This is a final inked sketch that was drawn of a sheet of card stock and then scanned and colored when I got home. Click for a bigger image.

Final NYE2010 chracter design

Final NYE2010 character design

Here’s hoping that you all have a wonderful 2010 with new and exciting things happening!

Intersting links to artists.

December 31, 2009

Well, my good ol’ site is still not up, but I hope to see if I can rescue the database and back it up this weekend.

Until then I thought it would be good to post some interesting links to artists and comics stuff. It will be 2010 soon and there is no time like the present.

Becky Dreistadt is an amazing talent. She does the web comic Tiny Kitten Teeth and was able to use the website kickstarter.com to raise money for a new project. Check out her amazing hand painted work. I met Becky and her writer in a bar during the San Diego Comic Con in 2008 and then followed her work on Deviant Art. (sample below)

Totoro by Becky Dreistadt

Totoro by Becky Dreistadt

Artist James Gurney, the author of Dinotopia has a blog full of amazing information on the process of traditional painted illustrations. So much great info for any type of artist. His new book looks great.

Sam Hiti has posted on his blog notes on how he is creating his new web comic Death-Day.

My friend and peer Alexis E. Fajardo has posted his favorite comics of 2009. Check it out HERE.

Well, there is some cool places to visit here on the ol’ internet. I will hopefully post my end of the year thoughts tomorrow.

Happy Holidays and Marry Christmas from Atomic Bear Press

December 24, 2009
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

25 Penguins at the CAM Bookstore

December 18, 2009

25 Penguins by Brian Kolm

Reminder that you can now purchase either a black and white or full color (seen above) 11×17 poster at the Cartoon Art Museum Bookstore. The black and white color yourself poster is $5 and the full color version is $20.

ALSO, kids age 10 – 14 at the intermediate art level can still sign up for Mythical Mystical Magical Beasties drawing class that starts the day after Christmas for five days. Find our more HERE.

Welcome to the temporary AtomicBearPress.com

December 17, 2009

On Tuesday, Dec 14 2009 someone Hacked my website atomicbearpress.com. While I work to get it back up and safe and running this will be my place to post links, artwork and news.

Remember: If you have a site, backup and protect. There are bad people out there who don’t care what happens to your online identity.


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